Garden Update – July 10, 2011

Lots of activity in my garden right now, but it is mostly bugs and critters eating what little can survive the massive amounts of heat of our summers in Texas.  See the other posts I made about my squash bug problem and my gooey aphid problem.  I also posted a few new pictures of the plants growing in my aquaponics system.  I’m getting a few good cucumbers and peppers, but the tomatoes have shut down.  Most of the okra is still too small to produce.  Some of my mystery melons might be ready to harvest, but I’m not sure how I’ll know until I cut into them.

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2 Responses to Garden Update – July 10, 2011

  1. Alice says:

    That first yellow melon looks like an Israeli or Crenshaw melon. They are GOOD! :) How can you tell when the cantaloupe is ready to harvest or ripe? I know you can tell watermelons are ripe by thumping or tapping them and if they sound hollow they are ready. When I pick cantaloupe in the store I can tell if they are more ripe by the smell and how brown the stem end is. Don’t know about the other ones.

    • Brian says:

      I got pretty good at judging cantaloupe ripeness last year. There is a distinct change in the flesh that is lower than the ‘vein’ parts. It also softens up a bit and comes loose from the vine easily.

      Those mystery melons came from our seed swap earlier this year. My label sticks didn’t make it.

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