Twitter Questions for BO

from iowahawk‘s “Questions, So Many Questions

President Obama graciously offered to take questions submitted via Twitter today, courtesy the #AskObama hashtag. Being an inquisitive sort, I decided to submit a few that have been nagging me.

Below are my favorites:  (click on full article above for more)

  • An $8 billion high speed train leaves Chicago for Iowa City at 8:15am at 40mph. Why?
  • How come you haven’t made unemployment illegal? #duh
  • Instead of making cars get 62 mpg, why not 62 million mpg? Also, do something about the gravitational constant.
  • Have you ever had a menial job, changed your own oil, or fixed a toilet?
  • Subtract Malia’s age from the number of states. Multiply the result by the number of jobs saved or created.
  • Math wasn’t your strong suit, was it?
  • I let my Mexican drug lord license expire. Am I still eligible for the free machine gun program?
  • When you’re visiting his volcano lair, does George Soros let you feed the laser sharks?
  • The staffer who suggested this Twitter Town Hall is fired, isn’t he?
  • Are you smart enough to create a problem so big that even you could not solve it?
  • Why isn’t your cabinet unionized?
  • If Joe Biden has a massive stroke, (a) do you have a replacement in mind, and (b) how would you tell?
  • Is there any job you’d be better at than president?
  • I understand you finally quit smoking. Do they make a patch for spending addicts too?
  • Is this question racist?
  • Why do you need permission to be clear, and not need permission to bomb Libya?
  • On behalf of the entire US population: dude, WTF?
  • Let’s say instead of winning the future, we end up in a tie. Do we then go to sudden death overtime?
  • I just voted to increase my sobriety ceiling. Why won’t the bartender give me another drink?
  • I really need to start living within my means. Do you recommend I start holding up banks or convenience stores?
  • If ATMs are so bad, why do you keep treating me like one?
  • Whose spending created your job?
  • When you create jobs, why do always create them for Texas?
  • Are strawmen cheaper when you buy them by the gross?
  • How much CO2 is created by a burning straw man?
  • Who are these “those who say”?
  • This whole Twitter Town Hall thing is turning out to be another amateur disaster, isn’t it?
  • If Eric Holder gets indicted in Operation Fast & Furious, should he get a civilian trial?
  • If we eat the rich, what do we get for dessert?
  • if punishing employers results in more employment, can you also punish beer makers?
  • Psst… got any spare tix for the 2016 Chicago Olympics?
  • Since you’ve doubled the number of wars, shouldn’t you be getting another Nobel Peace Prize?
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