How To Forward Emails

Etiquette in the Information Age – Volume 2

This is pretty simple and common sense, but I constantly receive email forwards that prove we haven’t evolved enough.  This is part two of my most recent effort to make the world a little better place to live.

  • Delete the crap, keep the good stuff: The delete key is most used tool for making this work.  Whatever you are forwarding on should be content, not pages of junk left by the 10 other people who forwarded the email on before you did.
  • Delete the old email addresses (forwarding history): Again, use the delete button.  This is just a repeat of the first suggestion.  I’m sure most of the people would not want their email addresses sent all over the world so show some decency and remove all those addresses from the email you are sending out.
  • Use the BCC field: Placing the email addresses of your recipients in the BCC field (instead of the TO or CC fields) hides their address from everyone.
  • SPAM = unwanted message: Are you SURE your recipient really wants to receive the message you are about to forward to him?  Maybe you are sending out spam?  If so, consider something other than email– like a blog or chat group.
  • Limit volume: Sending out more than a few email forwards per day is probably excessive.
  • Limit attachment size: Most people don’t mind receiving a video file that is a few megabytes in size, as long as they have a fast connection and don’t have a full inbox, but how can you know?  Better to upload the file to a common place and send a link instead.

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