Vermicompost Sifter Project

Here is a quick little project to help sort out worm poop from bedding material.

cut 4 boards to 11 inches

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I emptied out about 1/6th of the left side of my worm bin and sifted out the good stuff from the bedding with this.  It worked well.  I might add two more boards so the device will not move in either direction off of the bucket.  The grand total cost of this project was zero.  I used scraps I had laying around!  There was cost in staples and glue, but I already had those materials on hand too.

I’m changing up my worm-poop-harvesting theory.  I used to do it the laziest possible way, which was just keep adding more wet newspaper until there was no room left, the entire worm bin was worm poop, then I’d start feeding the worms on the other side of the bin, which would encourage the worms to move next door, and I’d then start harvesting the poop by scooping it out.  There are some problems with this though:  who wants to live in a mountain of their own poop, there was always chunks of bedding left over, and the poop would sit idle for a long time, probably losing much of its nutrient value and life.  Now, I’m going to start harvesting when I notice a significant build up of poop, so the product will be fresher, and maybe the worms will live a better life.

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