More Gardening Babble from Brian

Just wanted all my friends to know about a new place for vegetable gardening information, especially for people living near the DFW metroplex.  I’ve created a few blog posts there now, so put it in your RSS reader if you want to see the new articles.  The forum is ticking along nicely, and I’m surprised by how many lurkers there are throughout the day looking at all the material there.  I do wish more people would introduce themselves and participate and contribute, but I know you can’t expect folks to do that sort of thing unless they ‘get’ it and buy in to the world of online media and social networking.  Here is the address for the blog: and for the forum:  Please pass this info along to any other DFW gardeners you know of; the more participation we have, the more the group benefits.  Hope to see you over there soon!

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