Garden Update – April 3, 2011

I think I’m about done planting for the spring!  I have a little room left in my aquaponics bed, and some space left in the bed by the gate, but I’m mostly done.  I didn’t plant any corn because I decided it is too cheap to buy in season at the farmer’s market.  I have 19 tomato plants, so I hope I get to eat a few fresh tomatoes this year!  I tried to implement companion planting in some cases.  I have my tomato plants surrounded with onion, and peppers are always planted close by.  I spaced the peppers out a little bit and planted herbs all in between them.  I still need to go pick up a few more flower seeds, I want to attract as many hoverflys and worm-eating insects as I can.

Asparagus, beans, tomato, onion, herbs

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