Aquaponics Update – March 26, 2011

The aquaponics setup has seen a lot of changes in the past few days.  The bacteria in the growbed seems to finally be catching up with the massive amounts of ammonia I added to the water to start it all off.  I picked up the big fish on Friday, and they seem to be living happily.  The water is getting pretty murky, so it is hard to see the fish unless the water level is low.  I picked up 4 little fish that eat algae today, so maybe that will help with the murkiness.  I planted a few more items also, getting close to running out of room up there now.  I went to listen to Adam Cohen’s presentation about aquaponics tonight, and he gave me some duckweed.  The duckweed will grow directly in the water tank, and is a good food for the fish.  (have to keep it separate because the fish will eat it faster than it grows)

duckweed grow bin 1

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