Dan Carlin’s latest podcast discussed a concept that has interested me for a very long time:  How to use Internet technology to replace our corrupt elected officials with the actual will of the public.  I thought it would require some sort of replacement of the Constitution, but his idea is simple.  If a candidate ran on the promise he would use a sophisticated computer system (that was driven by individuals) to direct his actions, then got elected, we would effectively have my dream come true without having to change out constitution.  

Issues like budget (and threats of shutting down the government) could not be used as leverage to pass pet projects (special interest money).  Dan makes the point that we’ve reached a point now that our Republic-style system is failing because the representatives are no longer making decisions based on what is best for everyone; it is more about what is best for the people who they are beholden to.

I continue to be impressed with Dan’s philosophy and pragmatic solutions he communicates through his podcast, and recommend you take a listen to see if you agree. 

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