Garden Update – March 8, 2011

I went to North Haven Gardens today to use my $15 gift certificate, and couldn’t pass up some of the things they had.  One of the ladies there encouraged me to put tomato plants out in the soil already!  I think we will still get another freeze, so I’m holding off, except for this one huge seedling I bought that I just don’t have room for.  I planted it in the aquaponics bed.  If it gets cold, I’ll try to keep it alive.  I planted a few other cool-weather plants in the gravel too…. it is filling up fast.  I’m on my third batch of ‘worm wine’, and using that to water around all the trees.  It is cheap and easy to make, I hope it works miracles.  The asparagus is coming up.  It’s what’s for dinner tomorrow night, unless my neighbor takes it all like he threatened to do.

Worm Wine (Worm Compost Tea)

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