Gary ‘Gets’ Social

I listened to a great interview of Gary Vaynerchuk today.  He has some excellent insight about the direction business will take as a result of social media.  If he is right, we might get to see the end of the no-talent big-business monopolies in our lifetime.  He predicts businesses will be forced to REALLY focus on giving customers what they want, and will go out of business if they do not get on-board with the communities that social media creates.

I’m a big supporter of ‘social’ applications on the interwebs.  Although I’ve known that ‘this is big’ and will change our world a great deal, I’ve never really understood how it would happen.  Gary clearly describes the how.  It is about relationships, it is about being a useful contributer, it is about real actions, reputation, and human networks.  I recommend you listen, and I’d love to hear what you think about it.

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