Garden Update – January 24, 2011

Seeing a picture of someone else’s seedlings reminded me that I had tomato seeds planted in a box on top of the refrigerator.  Good thing I decided to look at them, because then already sprouted.  The pepper plants are doing good to, just need to move them under the supercharged growlights.

Tomatoes - 6 days old

Picture 1 of 2

Sprouted Status:

Djena Lee’s Golden Girl – yes

2x Talledega Hybrid VFFNT -yes

2x Bela Rosa Hybrid FFFASTTSWV -1 yes, 1 no

2x Eva Purple Ball -no

Ladybug Hybrid -yes

2x Roma VF – yes

2x Supersweet 100 – yes

Brandywine – yes

Riesentraube – no

Chocolate Cherry – yes

VTO-5805 Costoluto Genovese – yes

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2 Responses to Garden Update – January 24, 2011

  1. Brian says:

    1 day later, the other Bela Rosa and the Riesentraube plants sprouted. As of now, neither of the Eva Purple Balls have come up.

  2. Brian says:

    Today the two Eva Purple Bells sprouted.

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