Grow Lights Done

Home Depot sells a 4-bulb instant start ballast for $20. I was going to order a ‘high ballast factor’ ballast for $35, but I decided to buy this one and get it done tonight instead. The new ballast fit perfectly into the cheap shop light fixture, so I didn’t have to drill any new holes or use new hardware. Since the instant start doesn’t heat the end filaments, the wiring is cut in half. I tried to determine if the fixture with 2 2-bulb ballasts or the 1 4-bulb ballast was brighter. I couldn’t determine a difference with my eye. I screwed two more hooks to the ceiling and rigged up some paracord for the second fixture. I was thinking about building a rack, but this setup was quick and easy and will get me through this year. I can always change it up next year if I have excessive time on my hands! (doesn’t ever seem to happen)

New 4-bulb ballast installed

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