Garden Update – January 16, 2011

The two varieties of pepper plants that had not sprouted yesterday sprouted today.  (Ancho 101 and California Wonder)  I was worried that I killed them by cooking them in the 105 degree F environment of my new seed starter box, but all 4 plants were poking through the soil tonight.  Now my window sill is full, I have to get my grow lights functional and mounted this week.  (need a ballast for the second fixture, and some way to mount everything)

I planted 8 more pots, 2 each of the following:

Fooled You Jalapeno Hybrid

Napoleon Sweet

Yummy Orange

Serrano Tampiqueno

These were put in my homemade newswpaper pots inside plastic bags, then overwatered (not on purpose), and placed in the new seed starter box.  I’ll leave the plastic bags open a little to vent off moisture until the excess water is gone, then close them up until the seeds sprout.

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  1. Brian says:

    The 2 Serrano peppers sprouted today.

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