Signs of Maturity

Signs of maturity:
1. A desire to explore a point rather than make or prove it
2. A tendency not to take things personally
3. A refusal to be judgmental
4. A willingness to admit “I don’t know”
5. An acceptance of people and things as they are rather than demand that they conform to one’s expectations, needs and beliefs
6. A realization that one’s happiness is entirely self and not other-determined
7. An ability to enjoy all the colors of the rainbow rather than be confined to the extreme positions of black and white, right and wrong
8. A readiness to honor every being as an equal and unique expression of the one, universal source
9. The ability and willingness to have as much fun as possible
10. The ability to live a life of gentle, humorous self-inquiry which often means self-acceptance, self-realization and self-liberation

“Knowledge is a process of piling up FACTS…Wisdom lies in their simplification.” Martin Fischer
I ran across these on the comments section of an article. The poster claimed to find them on a “nonbeliever’s website”. Several comments were made that Christians should use caution in applying some of these principals. (#8 seemed to especially strike a nerve) I thought they were interesting; that’s why I posted them!

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