Yup, It’s Mine

I changed out the belts on quadzilla today. Without the supercharger, this is a 4 minute job, with the supercharger, it takes me a couple of hours. I have to take off the intake tubes, the fan shroud, and finally the supercharger and bracket.  The big belt snakes through a bunch of bolts/spacers that have to be completely removed to change it out.  The bearings in one of the idler pulleys was going bad and making lots of noise. This is the fourth idler pulley I’ve had to replace. PITA. Anyway, when I was getting it cleaned up, the big ProCharger emblem was loose, so I just took it off so I could clean the grim good. I was surprised when I saw my name written underneath the emblem. I feel special now, they assembled this blower just for me!

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