12 Ton Shop Press

I knew I’d have to press the pinion and carrier bearings (multiple times) for this job i’m in the middle of right now, and that would wind up costing me as much as the cost of a brand new hydraulic press from Harbor Freight.  When I set it up Tuesday night I could not get it squared up correctly.  There is a reason stuff from that store is so cheap.  It is made is China, and tolerances are probably not important to the manufacture.  I tried tightening it all up with Amber’s help holding it square and couldn’t get it right, so I decided to take another path.  I bought a couple of turnbuckles and a piece of all thread from Home Depot.  Then I welded some tabs on and created cross braces that let me dial in tension either way.  It seems to work pretty good.  I’ve needed a press before, so I’m glad to have one finally.

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