Betty’s A/C System

I made some progress on Betty’s air conditioning system this afternoon.  A/C work is a little unfamiliar to me.  Everything has to be kept sealed, since air contaminates the components.  Getting the compressor bolted in place is a two person job as far as I can tell.  I tried until I was tired; I think it is impossible to hold that heavy-ass thing and get the bolts started by yourself.  Getting the block plate off the back of the compressor was a bit exciting.  As I removed myself from underneath the car to get a pry tool, it busted apart, spraying green oil all over the place.  I didn’t realize it would be under that kind of pressure; good thing my head wasn’t under it when that happened.  Everything else was pretty uneventful, just time consuming.  I replaced the expansion valve, receiver/dryer and pressure switch.  I did brake the temperature switch, so that is another $20.  I should have already bought a new one anyway.  One of the Schrader valves is leaking, so I’m going to replace that before I put a charge on the system.

Vacuuming Betty's Innards

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