New Paint on the Walls

Ever since we moved into this house eight years ago, we’ve been saying we want to repaint the walls a different color. Everything was an eggshell color, which was OK, but pretty boring. Today was the day we broke from the past and did it. We repainted the walls in the dining room. Three of the walls are now a khaki color, and the back wall is a burgundy color. I’m happy with the new look!

Old Color

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3 Responses to New Paint on the Walls

  1. texasmufflerman says:

    Why are there not any pictures of a 3-year old covered in paint?

  2. Amber says:

    The three year old was napping and then banned from the paint area. He was more interested in watching CARS than what we were doing!

  3. Margaret Monnat says:

    Awesome! Love the contrasting colors. Great job you two!

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