Garden Update: July 5, 2010

I need to start thinking about what fall crops to plant, it is time to get seedlings started already. My tomato plants have been a big disappointment again this year. I’ll probably buy several seedlings from a nursery to see if they will do better now that the bugs and early blight disease is not a threat. The peppers are taking off and doing great. I have a cross-pollination issue this year, so my sweet peppers are HOT. I have two watermelons developing, and created burlap supports for them. Lots of cantaloupe are near-ripe. The corn, potatoes, garlic, and carrot have been harvested now so I need something else to plant in those locations.

My Biggest Mellon

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2 Responses to Garden Update: July 5, 2010

  1. BIGKEN says:

    Nice pair……………bet you don’t get that often, huh?

  2. texasmufflerman says:

    Nice melons. Enjoy them while you can. Wanna share?

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