Working from Home

I brought all the stuff I’ve been working on in the office home so I could spend the weekend here instead of all alone in the office.  This is all equipment from (the walmart of industrial automation).  I’ve been pretty impressed with everything, especially considering they are generally 1/2 price of the competitors.  I’ve called in to their tech support several times (free) and I’ve always been connected to a real English-speaking, knowledgeable technician right away.  PLC is DL260 w/ ECOM100 Ethernet, HMI is C-More 12″.  I’m also using a standalone ProLinx module to translate between Modbus/TCP and AB Ethernet that is used by some of the vendor equipment I’m interfacing with.  (that module cost more than my whole PLC rack by the way)

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3 Responses to Working from Home

  1. David says:

    what kind of cardboard box is that lcd touchpanel mounted in?

    • Brian says:

      The packing material doubled as a temporary operator enclosure. You just had to fold it a certain way and insert some tabs into some slots. Genius.

  2. Shellas says:

    All u need is to focus..

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