Mason Jars

Dave forwarded me a craiglist ad for “50 to 75 mason jars – $5 – Plano”.  I emailed the person and said I wanted them.  The lady had bought them earlier, and used about 20 of them for table decorations.  I gave her $5 and said thanks.  After dinner, I went outside and started opening up the boxes, sorting and counting.  Here is what I bought for $5:

126 pints, 6 wide-mouth pints, 9 quarts, 7 wide-mouth quarts, 2 half-gallons, 4 half-pints, 5 fancy pints.  I forgot to count all the ones that were used as decorations.  So I got a great deal on mason jars, now I just need to clean them all up and use them.

Me and the new jars

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  1. BIGKEN says:

    kILLER DEAL MAN………….

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