Right and Left Not So Important

When BO took office last year, I was sad for several good reasons, but one thing I felt was true: “we just traded one group of elitist leaders for another group of elitist leaders”. If you were a BO supporter and aren’t still blinded by your prejudice, then I think you can see that he is more of the same. Who were the big winners in the Obamacare bill? (the big insurance companies) Who were the big losers? (the middle class and the workers)
Although we spend lots of energy arguing topics framed by the Left vs Right paradigm, this is not what is most important. Focusing on liberal vs conservative (or any other similar labels) is counterproductive to what is really most important, what is best for us all.
The founding fathers of the US had money and power. They were the elite. They had nothing to gain and everything to lose by going against power and creating the framework that became the USA. But, they did it anyway. If they would have failed they would have been killed as traitors. But, they did it anyway because they had wisdom most of us are without. They were trying to create a system that would create liberty and wealth for ‘the people’ (the middle class), not just for the elite.
This article is a must read. Check out the graph and refer it to people who claim we are becoming more socialist or communist. Things are becoming worse and worse for ‘the people’, but describing this as a move toward socialism is not accurate.
By focusing on the wrong things, I think we are missing the biggest problem. We are allowing the elite to control the wealth and most everything else. The path we are headed for (or already on) is exactly what our founding fathers were attempting to escape! As long as ‘the people’ are satisfied/pacified and don’t take an active (and vigilant) role in our government at all levels, we will continue to lose freedoms and wealth.

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