Asparagus Raised Bed

I have 20 asparagus plants on order and I’m expecting them to arrive in a few weeks.  Asparagus is one of the plants that loses most of its taste within a day of picking, so I’m excited to taste it fresh.  It will take a few years before the plants start producing though, but I don’t want to waste another season.

I decided (against my wife’s wishes) to add a new raised bed on the north side of our driveway.  This area gets full sun, and is a big waste of land, just growing grass.  I’d like to plant a bunch of fruit trees in the area, but the electricity, gas, phone, and cable all run through that area.  I decided to use standard 2×12 lumber instead of cedar or pressure treated.  I’ll coat the inside with linseed oil and paint the outside surface.  I’ll be curious to know how long the wood will last.  This will give me 48 more square foot of raised bed area.

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