My Texas Tech / Leach Prediction

TTUpirateLike most every other person that has any interest in Texas Tech University, I have been consumed with the unfolding story of Coach Mike Leach’s firing this week.

I don’t want to believe this whole thing is about money and bruised egos.  I want to think these are better people, so I have come up with a conspiracy-theory-style explanation of what is going on.

The event is all planned.  Leach wanted out, and he came up with this grand scheme as a way to leave with a bang.  He also will teach that spoiled brat kid (and daddy) a lesson and flip all the politically correct wuss-bags the middle finger.  In return the University gets a ton of free press, the alumni and student body are invigorated and united, some of the old codgers that Leach butted heads with get raked over the coals, and a great experiment in psychology/marketing gets to be executed.

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One Response to My Texas Tech / Leach Prediction

  1. David says:

    Call Alex Jones! What are you waiting for?!!!

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