Quadzilla’s Gauge Cluster

GM installed poor-quality stepper motors in most all GM trucks in the 2003-2006 model years. Amber’s Tahoe was covered because she had under 60000 miles, but Quadzilla is a year older and has 20000 more miles so I was SOL. After a little research I figured out I could replace the steppers myself and save about $500 off the cost taking it to the stealership. There are guys on ebay that will change them out too, but it looked easy enough for me to do myself, that way I would not be without a speedometer for the time it took to ship it off, get it repaired, and wait for it to be shipped back.    

I went ahead and splurged and also bought a set of white gauge faces. These are vinyl, you just apply them on top of the existing face. I was impressed that the tick marks and numbers align almost perfectly and the backlight still through the black parts. I read on some ricer forums that white gauges will give you at least an extra 20 horsepower. I do like the look!  So for less than $75 and a few hours of my time, I have a working speedometer again, all new stepper motors, and a fresh new look in my dashboard.

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