Building a New VE Table

VE-blower This is what I spent the better part of today working on, the VE table for Quadzilla. I’ve done this before, but now I’m dealing with a 2-bar OS, so I have double the range of pressure variables. There are two ways to go about building this table, one uses a wideband AFR recorder in open loop mode, and the other uses the factory narowband sensors in closed loop mode using the fuel trends. I did it both ways, and got different results, which is a symptom that I’m doing something wrong. I also got different results when the MAF sensor was plugged in, even though I had it ‘turned off’ in the computer. After hours of reading through the forums, I think I have a handle on that situation. I have the non-boost regions (under 110kpa) tuned in, but I’m not sure how I’m going to get the cells above 4psi dialed in correctly. My alcohol spray comes on around that point, adding ‘undocumented’ fuel to the engine, which is lowering the AFR a significant bit. I have more learning to do for sure.
VE-stock This is the VE table from the factory. Comparing the two gives you an idea of how much more air the supercharger adds to the process. Notice the stock engine peaks at around 105% at around 4500 rpm. The regions I have tuned correctly are already around 150%, not sure what the real number will be at redline.

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