Responses to BO’s Nobel Prize

I just went through the facebook updates related to the president receiving a Nobel peace prize. I’m recording the responses here, without anyone’s identity. (is it OK to do that?)

gotta love my president!! President Obama wins Nobel Peace

If you laugh at Obama’s Nobel, you side with terrorists

The Nobel Peace Prize for an American President, what a triumph and what a burden to have, congrats Mr. President!

thinks the peace prize award is premature, but is really enjoying watching the Fox nutters head’s explode with anger.

has honest intentions of writing a great piece of literature someday. It will be awesome, I promise. Can I have a Nobel Prize now?

President Obama wants to put people in jail if they don’t buy health insurance. Give that man a peace prize!

What kind of crap is this?? He hasn’t done anything except spend money which hasn’t simulated anything more than what a Viagra would do! Wow the Nobel Prizes are starting to look like Heisman Awards!

Dear Nobel Peace Prize Committee: You’re FIRED!

Obama wins the Nobel prize??? For what? Things he is going to do…nomination deadline feb 1, he became president Jan 20th…who keeps promoting this guy for doing nothing? Nobel prize is a joke Jimmy Carter and al gore also won this….

It’s funny that the top two stories on Yahoo are…
1) Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
2) Suicide car bomb kills 49 and wounds 100 in Pakistan.

Obama won the Nobel peace prize for what? Befriending terrorists? Oh! I get it !!

Nobel Peace Prize? Wow you have got to be kidding…

Thinks maybe he can win the Nobel Peace Prize…

thinks that the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to a President with less than a year in office and whose own home town is embattled with violence makes NO sense.

Yet again the Nobel committee on peace has decided to put politics above accomplishments. Next year I am going to nominate my wife, she really thinks that there should be peace in this world too, which makes her more than qualified.

I hereby nominate my younger sister, Beth, for the Nobel Peace Prize for the work that she does with bratty high school kids.

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