More Peppers

IMG_4535s I harvested more peppers tonight while the kids were playing on the swing.  I have a bunch of them.  I didn’t even tackle the jalapeños yet. I’ll cut all these up into small chunks, flash freeze them on cookie sheets, then transfer them to plastic zip top bags for using in dishes later. I think these peppers are the pablano type, they are tasty, not hot at all, except for the last bit near the stem, I also have a few of the mini-bell peppers, which are very sweet and crisp. I’ll plant more or those next year because they are such a good snack. I also picked all the tiny peppers (Tabasco) that were red. IMG_4538s I stuffed them into my hot sauce jar with vinegar. This hot sauce is too hot for my tastes, it leaves my mouth numb and my forehead sweating after I use it.

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