Investment Fair

I spent my Friday night and most of Saturday at an investment fair. Not real entertaining, but very interesting. There was a wide variety of speakers. The most useful were the educational speakers and the 3-panel Q/A session with experienced mutual fund investors. I was pleased to hear information that was opposite of the bleak news I’ve been hearing from other sources. I was also impressed with some of the non-conventional wisdom and methods that were discussed.
The owner of this car has a start up company selling hydrogen generator kits. I was pretty annoyed with them because they refused to answer my technical questions about how their control system worked. They wouldn’t even let me look under the hood.
I was amazed that an event like this only brought in about 50 participants. It makes me think that most people just aren’t interested in managing their own investments. This is unfortunate, since your best interests are rarely served when someone else is managing your money. To me, this is related to taking personal responsibility for your own situation.
For more information about BetterInvesting, go to their website.

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