Who Wants to Steal Quadzilla?

This is what I found today.
I didn’t notice it this morning or at lunch, so I figure it must have happened this afternoon in the parking garage at work. Seems harder than just breaking the glass, which makes me think they might want to steal the truck… the factory alarm is disabled by turning the lock cylinder. I’ve stopped carrying anything of value in there, except maybe a trailer hitch worth $50 brand new. My project tomorrow will be to disconnect that wiring so that the alarm will go off unless the keyless signal is used. This really gets me pissed off, talk about TREADING ON ME!!!

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9 Responses to Who Wants to Steal Quadzilla?

  1. You can even see the look of disgust on your face in the reflection on your paint job!

  2. bigken says:

    I say we stake it out, and blow the mutha-fucka between the eyes when they reach for the sum-bitch. I have NO sympathy for living scum like that.

  3. Dylan says:

    I have a 30 round boogie man fire stick for those who are responsible!!!

  4. Carlo says:

    Brian, that really sucks. I don't understand why building management hasn't done more. There are have been several people in our office that have had something happen to them in the garage. That was a pretty bold attempt at theft on the 1st floor in the middle of the afternoon. Perhaps a windshield flyer campaign is in order.

  5. Yarg says:

    That really sucks! A couple of weeks ago I turned in someone to security for coming in the exit ramp on the 4th floor (I guess they didn't have a keycard). Then I waited, watched them park and walk off. I don't know if they ever did anything about it or not. I've big doubts about our illustrious security guys.

  6. The Allen police & car audio/accessory shop didn't know about anything like this on the market. Google is good. I'll give it a shot.

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