Balance. Cut. Save.

Click either image or here to sign the petition.

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6 Responses to Balance. Cut. Save.

  1. J.M. Alfano says:

    I cannot get access to the petition to sign it

  2. Ken says:

    "Service Not Available" How can I sign petition as suggested by Gov. Huckabee 10 Minutes ago on the Greta show!!! This stinks……………..!

  3. cin says:

    Same here Ken….not sure if it is that busy..or if big brother is trying to track us all

  4. Linda Cox says:

    I, too have tried to sign the petition, but have been denied access. What's happening?

  5. Bob Garcin says:

    I can't get the petition to sign….says "unavailable"

  6. It looks like his website has crashed… I saw on facebook that he was having a big drive, so I'm guessing all the traffic made it crash. I suggest trying again tomorrow.

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