Adventure in Lobstering

I had the opportunity to go out scuba diving for lobster yesterday. I’ve been hearing about this spot Hugo found by accident, where there were lobsters everywhere. We got to the spot and snorkeled around for about an hour looking for the spot, and after moving the boat once, we finally found it.

First of all, these ‘bugs’ don’t just slowly move around like the ones you see at the tank in the grocery store. THEY ARE FREAKING FAST! They do not want to be caught, and they have some sort of spring-loaded jet propulsion system in their tails. But, they WERE EVERYWHERE, and the law of averages worked in our favor. They look huge underwater, then when you finally get them out of water you see they aren’t that big. In the end, we only caught 3 lobsters that were big enough to keep, but we were still very proud. Catching food underwater with your own hands is a feeling of excitement and accomplishment!

As we were basking in our manliness the game warden pulls up next to us and asks us if we have any lobsters on board. We proudly brag that we have three of them. Then he tells us not to move and that we are in a restricted area and it is illegal to be fishing for lobster in this area. Talk about a downer! This conversation gets much worse when he explains we are all in possession of illegal lobster and he is about to write each one of us a ticket for $300. More questions, more talking, and he lets us go with only one person getting a ticket for $100. There is much more to the story, including the game warden getting stuck on the sand bar that we just warned him about after he told us it was illegal to beach your boat in the area and he could write us another ticket for beaching our boat.

No man-boob comments, please.

This one was the biggest!

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3 Responses to Adventure in Lobstering

  1. Santa Ken says:

    Bummer man, did y’all help ‘The Man’ get free?

  2. Brian says:

    We asked if he needed help. He got himself free with a pole. It was all I could do to not laugh… but the fear of going to jail helped me keep a straight face!

  3. Roxanne says:

    Ask your father-in-law about visits with the game warden!

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