Send In All Fishy Emails

I’m not the only one who thinks this is a big deal. Send your fishy emails today, they asked for it!


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2 Responses to Send In All Fishy Emails

  1. Jeanine H Maxey says:

    I’m 63 and feel angry,I DO NOT have membership in anything,and I DO NOT
    like the way our President wants to control MY LIFE!I have paid my Taxes,and
    insurance,house,car, and when I can’t afford it I DO NOT BUY IT!! I know that
    I’m not the only one feels this way!What ever happen to the CONSTITUTION ??
    It has made THE USA A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE AND DIE! Now I will go to
    tax day protest because I believe in FREE -MARKET!!Most of all the
    CONSTITUTION!The very one the President promise to up hold when he took
    the office!

  2. Scott A. Trimm says:

    My god! I am really thinking I will wake up and this was all a bad dream! The hypocracy of the Democrat party knows no bounds! I damn well hope someone turns me in to big brother Obama because I think his health care takeover is a load of crap!!!!! He is lying through his teeth when he says he does not want a single payer option to take over. He has stated so in speeches and interviews from the past. When he is called on these statements he made he claims to be taken out of context! Well if a 5 minute interview played back is out of context then I must be as stupid as Obama thinks we all are!

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