Bryson’s Playhouse

Last weekend, we bought a used playhouse for Bryson. It was pretty basic and a little old, but well built and the price was good. The folks that were selling it were really nice, and helped me load it up after we disassembled it. Brandon helped me unload it and set it up.

These were the steps and other parts I decided not to reuse.

We spent the rest of the money we had for the playhouse on lumber to add to it. (or as Amber put it, to “Gallimoreize it”)

Repaired one of the base 2×6 boards.

Then got to work on the fun part.

Then a second trip to Home Deopot to get the “rest” of the wood I needed.

This is what my boots looked like this morning.

Amber was the master ditch digger. This was a huge rock she had to dig out.

Why a ditch? Well, I needed dirt to level the playhouse. I figured it was a good time to finish the drainage project I started years ago… The dirt dug out of trench for the pipe could be used to level the playhouse. Good idea, right? Amber might not think so now.

I followed the general design of the base unit. One of the neat features was the way the bolts were used. I drilled holes in the 4×4 posts so that no bolts were sticking out for kids to get scraped up on.

Amber installed the drainage pipe/hose. She is now an expert at digging and leveling.

This is the crown of the new addition. A lookout tower. The floor is at 6 foot, and the top of the roof is about 12 foot. (I was going to go bigger, but someone reasoned me out of it)

Here I have it plumb and the distance from the main unit set, but the height is off. We had to lift it up and cram more mud/dirt under it.

Bryson approved of his new “bird house”.

Dasher and Comet were unamused for the most part.

Slide works!

Bryson kept filling up my water bottle… from the dog’s water spigot!

Now we are getting close. Everything is located correctly. I have platforms at 1 foot, 2 foot, 3 foot, then the entry to the main unit on the left, or another platform at 4.5 foot, then the final platform at 6 foot.

I stayed up until midnight working on it. When Amber came out to help me pick up the tools, I was showing the dogs that they could get into it also. Dasher was very happy. I could see him smiling when he put his paws up and noticed he could finally see over the fence!

We couldn’t convince Comet to use the slide.

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7 Responses to Bryson’s Playhouse

  1. BigKen says:

    Cool job man, that’ll keep him entertained for days………….

  2. Amber says:

    It looks great honey! A Gallimore masterpiece! Now if I could just move more that just my fingers I would be doing good! I am definitely not a ditch digger for life!

  3. Richard says:

    What is the HOA going to say about the height?

  4. David C says:

    HOA was the first thing I was thinking, too.

  5. David C says:

    Did you notice he just had to show a picture of the trailer backed partially into the yard? All of the pieces could have been carried through the walk gate — but, no. He had to do the trailer backng thing with his 4-wheel steering.

  6. Brian says:

    Ya’ll need to pipe down with the HOA talk! Why would that even be a problem? Geez, they don’t need YOUR help in giving me grief about MY house.

    Dave, I was pretty proud of my trailer backing ability. I can’t believe quadrasteer is not offered on every truck made… it should be. (and by the way, there is no way that main piece would have fit through my gate) I had to transplant a rose bush to use that section of fence.

  7. Nancy says:

    You are your father’s son. Looks like it will withstand 75 mile winds and tall enough for flood waters also. Bryson will love it. You need to do something extra nice for Amber since she did the digging.

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