Google Voice

My account for Google Voice was activated last night, so I played around with it a bit. I’m very impressed! The brainiacs at Google have created something great.
This (free) service will give you a “permanent” phone number that you can give to everyone. You then set up your cell phone, work phone, and home phone to receive calls, and Google rings all or some of the phones you have based on your set of rules (time of day + person calling). It records and transcribes your voice mail, then emails you both the recording and text of the message! They even have a SIP interface through

People calling you don’t ever learn of your real phone number. You have the option to screen your calls too, listening to the voice mail as it is recording. Very impressive stuff!

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2 Responses to Google Voice

  1. Jonathan says:

    I didn’t know about the SIP interface with gizmo5, is it free? I have a spare ATA kicking around, wouldn’t mind setting it up.

  2. Brian says:

    Yes, it is free, but you need a gizmo account. (also free) Google voice only works google > gizmo, they have gizmo > google disabled, so that isn’t cool. It isn’t plain SIP, it requires the gizmo phone number format.

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