Trip to the Florida Keys

Amber and I busted out of the hotel at 6:45am, which was an hour late from our plan, to make an 8:00am appointment to go snorkeling in Key Largo. The drive didn’t take as long as I thought, and we even had time to get a breakfast sandwich at the Circle K. We floated around just above the White Shelf coral reef for about an hour and saw lots of cool ocean life. This is our picture on the boat ride on the way back to shore.

Then we stopped and fed the tarpon off a pier. This was pretty exciting and scary. Those giant fish jump out of the water and open up their mouth to the size of a bowling ball in a tiny amount of time. We watched another guy there get his hand chomped down on and was missing a little skin after the fish was done.

We decided to drive all the way to Key West, mile marker 0. We were glad we did, because Key West was unlike any of the other keys. It had lots of history, and was the place where all the action was!

There was a line to take your picture.

A giant sponge monster attacked me from behind.

Chevy small block V8 powered motorcycle. It had a sticker on it that said “don’t lean on me unless you are naked”.

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  1. Nancy says:

    looks like you had fun and didn’t loose any fingers feeding the fish.

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