I can’t believe I’ve just learned about JBS. This is great material. This is what I should have learned in high school, but I was probably not paying attention. I highly recommend everyone watch this!

Overview of America – from the John Birch Society


It was what government was prevented from doing that made America Great.

Freedom of the individual set America apart. (choose to limit personal freedom with morality)

God gave man his rights. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Proper role of government: to secure the God-given rights, Governments are instituted.

Our government was designed to be a negative force (to leave people alone) Purpose is to protect citizens from one another and from foreign governments, and especially from our own government.

Not designed as a positive force, to do things for people, because to do something for one person, it has to take away from another person.

The US constitution was written to govern the government, not the people and not the states.

The Bill of Rights (the Bill of Limitations on Government) doesn’t give any rights to citizens, but does safeguard God-given rights by limiting government power. Series of “shall not” style limitations (like the 10 commandments), including the 10th amendment: “if we forgot anything, then you can’t do that either”

Democracy vs Republic
Left vs Right
Political Spectrum
left = 100% government power (communism, socialism, Nazism, fascism, dictators, kings, etc)
right = 0% government power (anarchy)
constitutional moderates = somewhere in the middle of the scale, who believe in enough government to protect the rights of the citizens
Monarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Republic, Anarchy
The word “Democracy” is not used in the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, or any of the 50 state’s Constitutions.
Republic is a rule of laws.

Democracy is not a stable form of government, it is the transition between a Republic and an Oligarchy.

Capital – the means of production (every economic system is capitalist)

Monopolistic, State-Controlled vs Competitive, Free Enterprise

Free Market
Private Property = title, control, use, ability to dispose

Two main choices in stable situations:
1- Oligarchy / Monopolistic, State-Controlled
2- Republic / Competitive, Free Enterprise

Vital Element to freedom

Alternative to Americanism is what has condemned most of the human race to live as slaves throughout the millennia. Rights of men are privileges, and dispensed by an Oligarchy, according to the unlimited rule of men. The state should own the nations capital, all economic activity directed from a central power. Morality is inconsequential. Security is preferred over freedom and opportunity.

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