We The People Stimulus Package

I can’t believe I haven’t seen this one yet, some good points are brought up. Have a look:


A list of favorite quotes from this video:
Look to government to solve problems that they created in the first place
Playing with the toys of your consumer wealth
Sucking the hind tit of a dead cow
The world’s only superpower can’t defend its borders, balance its budget, win its wars, manufacture its own products, or protect its own currency.
Perhaps you learned to do nothing too well
If you choose to do nothing, then buy a gun, you will need it!

We the people stimulus package:
Require all laws passed apply equally to congress
Repeal congress’s right to vote for their own raises
Balance the federal budget
Make congress pay into the social security system
Term Limit – 2 terms maximum
Abolish automatic lifetime salary for congress, let them find a 401k
Stop paying for congress’s insurance premiums
Fire anyone who voted for the biggest spending bill in history without reading it. (that is all of them by the way)
Provide pay raises to military
Never start a war unless you intend on winning it
Make English the official language
Zero taxpayer money to illegal aliens
Direct election of the president
Implement universal service – 2 years for everyone

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  1. Nancy S says:

    You already know I like this video. :)

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