Garden Update – June 21, 2009

The grapes are near ready. The birds love them, and are making a huge mess out of our deck. I have dreams of a giant bird screen.

I’m not sure how much longer these tomato plants are going to live. First, it was the disease, now it is the giant worm invasion. The picture is poor quality because it was getting dark and I turned off the flash.

The 3-colored sweet corn is ready. It’s a bit on the small size.

Strawberries have pretty much quit producing fruit. These get way too much water when the irrigation turns on… I’m afraid the nutrients get washed away.

The main garden. Sorry for another blurry picture. Amber and I cleaned out and composted the two beds on the right. It is almost time to start planting fall crops.

Just a few onion plants are left.

Three tomato plants are all that’s left in this bed.

Lots of pepper and tomato plants are in here.

I trusted the label on this plant and took a big bite out of a fresh pepper. “Fooled You” Jalapeño. It wasn’t hot! It did have the flavor of a Jalapeño though, very nice!

Look at all of those tomatoes, ready to ripen.

Started training the cantelopes to climb vertical.

Squash is huge and producing lots of fruit. I forgot how huge these plants are… I should have left more space for it.

Cucumbers on the left. Beans on the right are done… we didn’t keep them picked so they are done!

We ate some of the sweet corn off of these plants and it was GOOD!

I added more insulation to the worm bin to try and keep those guys happy.

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