A Day of Hard Labor

It’s been 3 years since we did anything with the front flower beds. (see previous post) That plastic we used for weed block does a good job, we haven’t had to pull weeds. I’ve been a little worried that the plants haven’t been getting any nutrients, since the plastic doesn’t let anything into or out of the soil. I brought home 2 cubic yards of blended compost on Friday, to force myself to use it. Amber and I cleaned up two of the raised vegetable beds and added a bunch of compost to those, then we moved on to the front yard. We saved most of the existing cedar mulch, pulled back the plastic, filled the beds up with compost, then replaced the plastic and the mulch. It was a good 3 hours of work, that took us about 8 hours to complete. We are both sore and sunburned.

This was near the start point today. The smile went away as the sun beat us down.

To the casual observer it doesn’t look much different, but there are several inched of good compost down there now, and the mulch is level with the house foundation and the top of the edgers.

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  1. Jeff H says:

    Can you come over and do mine too since you are a expert now..:):)

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