First Harvest and Giant Worms

I went through and pulled out all the onions that didn’t have any green stalks above ground, and pulled out the potatoes too.

Red onion, white onion, potato, squash, carrot:

A few of my tomato plants were missing every leaf on the top 12-18 inches. The destructive eating machines I found caused me great distress. When I grabbed a hold of it to pull it off, my fingers sunk in to the worm enough I thought it was going to burst right then. The feeling of me tugging on it and it not coming off made me loudly yell some phrase that got my dogs stirred up. Dasher and Comet started barking and running to see what was wrong with me.

I kept pulling, but all of those little legs were holding on very tightly.

Then I focused on the munching end of this evil looking worm. It looks like something in the Alien movie.

I talked Bryson into modeling this big one for the camera. I didn’t realize the appropriateness of his shirt at the time.

If you stare at this picture too long, you will have nightmares tonight.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I hope you gave the worms a proper burial.

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