Inspector General Fired for doing his Job

I say this is pretty shocking, but if you follow the actions instead of words of our president, it isn’t that shocking. Another blow to our foundation, yes, for sure.


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3 Responses to Inspector General Fired for doing his Job

  1. Brian says:

    OH, so it was Bush’s fault. What about the pesky 30 days notice requirement? That article seems to give enough information to appease a certain crowd, rather than defend the action.

  2. Henry says:

    It’s not anyones fault..this is a non story..he removed the IG for going way overboard. The 30 day requirement was satisfied. In the letter to congress saying he was firing the IG, he said he was suspending him for 30 days with pay before was dismissed.

    I think it definitely could have been handled better, especially after the way that the Democrats made a scandal out of the Alberto Gonzales firings during the last administration. But, its not nearly the story that some folks are trying to make it.

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