Goodbye Wilma

Amber saw Wilma on a car dolly at a gas station, so she pulled in to take this picture on her phone. She said something about being overwhelmed with joy and the happiest day of her life. I split the sisters up due to pressure from the HOA. I was pushed to break up a harmonious, loving family that used to call my driveway their home. I hope Wilma finds happiness and peace wherever she goes. I’m afraid Betty feels more like an outcast now, she is the only non-American, non-V8, non-truck now, and we can all sympathize with her difficult situation. I’ve told Quadzilla to be nice, but that really isn’t his style. I just hope he doesn’t decided to flatten her one night out of sheer meanness. Amber has the grocery getter so brainwashed from all the bad things she said about Wilma that I don’t think she will ever be fair or balanced. So, I’m afraid we are going to have some tough times ahead of us.

Waylon, the new owner of Wilma told me he got tired of wearing out and working on gas engine cars, so he started buying older Mercedes diesels. I think he said he has 5 “spare” Mercedes right now. He traded me a set of seats and interior parts that match Betty. Right now, Betty has no seats until I get motivated to get the new ones put in. I think this is the 8th time I’ve changed the seats in that car.

This is the last picture of Wilma in our driveway. Boo Hoo.

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  1. Nancy says:

    I’m not sure where you came from. You can be very strange. But I love you anyway.

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