Cooked ROMS and Bootloaders

Something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year was to hack my AT&T Tilt (HTC Kaiser/TyTN II) phone to get rid of all the restrictions that AT&T placed on it, and today seemed like a good day to give it a try. So my goal was to replace the the standard AT&T ROM image with a “cooked” ROM that had all the cool stuff and was missing all the dumb stuff. There are several different paths to get this done, and several hundred ROMs and configurations to choose from. After I completed one of the steps I took, I had a phone with no screen and no audio. I was a little worried that I “bricked” the phone, but after a few more hours of reading through forum posts, I had the answer I needed. The screenshot below is proof of my victory. Every once and a while, I want to make a short voice recording to remind myself of something. AT&T reassigned the “voice record” button to function as their PTT button, which I have no use for. Now it works like is should.

Another little thing that made me smile is I now have the menu option for “Internet Sharing”, like I should. AT&T sells this “Windows-standard option” for $10/month and calls it “tethering”.

A few other things I see right off that I’m curious about are Remote Desktop, FTouchFLO, and Cube. The new ROM contained Windows Mobile 6.1, which is an upgrade from the 6.0 I was running.

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  1. Nancy says:

    should I be worried about my AT&T stock?

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