You Are So Lucky

The common response when I tell people that I’m working in Miami is “Wow, that must be fun, working there”. To clarify the situation, let me show you what the scenery around me looks like ALL day. Pretty glamorous, huh?

Never mind the guy in the middle of the picture. He is not really sleeping, but I thought it was a good photo opportunity.

Shellas and I ate at a new restaurant last night. He ordered the fried snapper. What is received was a little unexpected.

So I started a new study on the size of people’s heads… Turns out that while Shellas is a very smart, handsome, and otherwise charming individual, he does have a tiny little head. Look at all the room in his hard hat.

Now compare that to the head on Roman, the wooly land creature from Canada. He fills that headcan up!

Before I got kicked out of the control room, I snapped a picture of my friend from Pakistan, Fahad, who I’m trying to convert to be a right-wing gun-nut like me.

OK, that’s all I have for now. I only had to work 8 hours today, we all left the jobsite at 3pm. The gay-train golf carts were all full, so I got to walk back to my car, glad it wasn’t raining! I got to take a nap when I got back to the hotel, very nice!

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2 Responses to You Are So Lucky

  1. Michael Berryman says:

    There’s no whining in Baggage Handling!

    Remember when you quit on me….and I called you a chicken#$%& mother457863 ? Well, after that, I got this gypsy hag to cast a spell on you…that’s right….forever a baggage handling programmer!!!!


  2. Brian says:

    Mike, there is LOTS of whining in baggage handling. I’ll start taking video for proof!

    Your gypsy hag spell might be working.

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