20 Hours of Fiberglass Experience

I’m disappointed that I still don’t have a functioning fuel tank after 20 hours of work. I’ve learned a lot so far: Get your form perfect before you start laying glass, create radiused edges inside your form, use a bunch of small pieces of fabric, use two cups because the one holding your resin sometimes gives way and then you leak toxic goo all over yourself, and you need more sanding disks and paint brushes than you have on hand. I couldn’t get my hand into the last corner of the tank, so I had to take it out of the form and start working on the outside surface. The foil I sprayed with PAM came off easily, the other, I had to take off with a wire wheel on my drill.

While I was waiting for the resin to dry completely, I decided to do something I’m a little more competent at, wiring. I never did run a wire from the console area to the trunk for a fuel level signal. I did that. Ripped out the back seats, carpet, drilled a hole, inserted grommet, lifted up the console and done.

Then I wired up the gauge.

How about that, I managed to get matching gauges.

To remind myself that I accomplished something today, I took a video:


Back to the tank. It fits, and it can be removed. My shape design works.

I little closer to being done. I did lots of grinding, cutting, and re-doing. I had some sharp edges and bubbles. It will be a small miracle if this tank actually works.

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2 Responses to 20 Hours of Fiberglass Experience

  1. BigKen says:

    I’m very impressed. First glass job, and it looks pretty good. Itchy shit, ain’t it. hehehehe

  2. Brian says:

    Yes, it is itchy for sure. My arms feel like I’ve been crawling in the attic.

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