The Argument for Intelligent Design

I had intended on going to hear these guys speak in person, but I didn’t get to go after all. Good news is that the presentation was recorded and available for free. I had time to watch them this weekend, and I was impressed with the information they shared. I’ve included the notes for the videos below. To me, this was time well spent, very educational and interesting. Set aside a little time and see what you think.
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About this series

On April 19, 2009, Watermark hosted a forum that included scientists, authors and scholars deeply immersed in origin theory and its implications.

These presentations explore scientific arguments intended to equip those interested in understanding more about the science behind and the strengths and weaknesses of both Intelligent Design and Darwinistic evolution theories. Our hope is that this content provides you with the opportunity to draw meaningful conclusions about the significance these two theories hold for views on God, morality and society.

Panelists: Michael J. Behe, Professor of Biological Sciences at Lehigh University; David Berlinksi, author, mathematician, philosopher; Stephen Meyer, Director of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute; Todd Wagner, pastor, Watermark Community Church

Return of the God Hypothesis: Introduction to “The Creation Conversation”

Stephen Meyer | 04-19-2009 |
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“The universe as a whole has a structure in its basic fabric, in its laws, and in its other parameters that suggests design right from the very beginning.” A proponent of Darwin’s theory of evolution would call this statement “unscientific”? But is it really? Join Dr. Stephen Meyer of the Discovery Institute ( as he lays the groundwork for an extensive discussion of the science that strongly suggests that our universe was intelligently designed.

The Creation Conversation, part 1

Behe, Berlinski, Meyer | 04-19-2009 |
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In the first half of “The Creation Conversation”, Dr. Stephen Meyer offers an introduction to the evening’s presentation and defines Intelligent Design. He is followed by Dr. Michael Behe, who, among other things, discusses the issue of irreducible complexity.

The Creation Conversation, part 2

Behe, Berlinski, Meyer | 04-19-2009 |
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In the concluding half of “The Creation Conversation”, Dr. Stephen Meyer discusses evidence for design in creation and is later joined by Dr. David Berlinski and Dr. Michael Behe for a panel discussion on intelligent design.

The Creation Conversation – Q&A Session

Dr. Ray Bohlin | 04-21-2009 |
Message 4 of 4

In a Q&A session following the Creation Conversation on April 19, Dr. Ray Bohlin of Probe Ministries answers questions from the audience about the content presented by Drs. Behe, Berlinski and Meyer.

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