South Beach and Baytown Marketplace

After sleeping for 11 hours, waking up and doing my laundry, then taking a nap, I decided to venture out and see South Beach. I started out in Baytown marketplace. Lots of little shops and places to eat here. There was a stage with musical performers and more. Lots of tour boats come in and out of this harbor. I wonder how much some of those yachts cost.

As I walked around, I kept smelling something that was driving me crazy for meat. I think this is what it was.

Then I crossed the causeway and drove up and down A1A/Collins. That street is lined with shops, nice hotels, restaurants, and more. Lots of scooters, bicyclist, and skateboarders in the street, passing you as you stood still in traffic. Strange. I finally found a place to park and walked over to “south beach”.

I then found my way over to famous Joe’s Stone Crab and ate some stone crabs and french fried sweet potatoes.

Lots of walking and site seeing for the afternoon, it was nice to have a day off!

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3 Responses to South Beach and Baytown Marketplace

  1. Nancy S. says:

    How was Joe’s?

  2. Jonathan says:

    Guess my sight-seeing suggestions were pretty good.

  3. Brian says:

    Joe’s was good. I could spend a lot of money eating there! Your suggestions were good, thanks!

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