Miss USA Gay Marriage Question

Here it is broken down, plus the gay judges feelings afterward.


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2 Responses to Miss USA Gay Marriage Question

  1. BigKen says:

    Three cheers for her………..stand up for your convictions, or NOT! That thought never crossed her mind. Gotta love her.

  2. Angie says:

    I am so glad she said what she did! It is about time Christians had a voice! It seems like the Gay community/Gay supporters are the only group that is aloud to speak; and if you disagree some how your a racist! I hate being classified as a racist just because I don’t agree with Gay marriage; everyone in the world is aloud to have their opinion splashed all over the news…unless you are a conservative Christian; then you are a racist, you are a gay basher, you are a right wing extremist/terrorist! I agree with what her mom said! It is Adam and Eve…Not Adam and Steve! I hope more people follow in her footsteps and stand up for what the believe in and not be a follower just because society says you have to in order to fit in!

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