Confession of a Domestic Terrorist

Now that the DHS secretary has warned everyone that I am a domestic terrorist, I’ll go ahead and make my confession! (copied from an email)

I believe the US Constitution is the foundation of our nation and the supreme law of the land.

I believe the Constitution grants me the right to pray whenever,whereever and however I please.

I believe that life begins at inception and NO ONE has the right to end that life unless the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life.

I belive the Constitution grants me the right to express my thoughts and opinions freely regardless of who disagrees.

I believe the Constituion grants me the right to assemble with like minded people to support or oppose our government’s policies or actions.

I believe the Constitution grants me the right to keep and bear arms to defend myself, my family and my country from all enemies, foreign and domestic including a tyranical government.

I believe all members of our military are heroes and deserve the respect, appreciation and admiration of All citizens.

I believe legal immigrants have been and continue to be the backbone of this country and I welcome them.

I believe illegal immigrants are common criminals by virtue of breaking our immigration laws and should be captured and deported.

I believe we all have a right and a responsibility to work and provide for our families.and enjoy the fruits our labor.

I believe short term assistance to help a family get back on their feet is ok

I believe taxing me to provide lifetime support, housing , food, and healthcare to those unwilling to provide for themselves is immoral and a criminal act,

I believe Capitalism is the only economic model that works

I believe in term limits for all representatives and senators and the elimination of professional politicians.

I believe it is my right to raise my children with my family values without government interference or contradiction.

I confess to all the above freely, understanding that by my admission the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Napolitano now considers me a Domestic Terrorist.

(I saw this posted, thought I’d share)

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